No the Military was not wrong in choosing the Sig over the Glock as the Glock has a much weaker ignition system as its only 67 per cent cocked while the Sig is 100 per cent Cocked. I had no issues to speak of in terms of reliability. Similarly, while Glock likes to rave about their nPVD corrosion-resistant finish, it is nothing more than average. we couldnt wait till daylight to test it so grabbed a spotlight and headed to the shooting spot we did bring targets he shot it an i shot it and we both decided it was an improvement so i guess you can say its an experimental pistol since i installed the accurizer as he manufacture called it. THE REASON; SAME PROBLEM Glock has had for years. That said, the 19 and the 43 are good carry pieces, no interest in anything else. My wife liked it so much that she got 19X for herself the next day. Until….one day in my local friend’s shop he had one in stock. Data here was recorded over my Oehler 35P chronograph at a distance of five feet from the muzzle at 55 degrees Fahrenheit. About that grip, it’s been the subject of much controversy. 357 Magnum, and still do own and love it. And this G19X will be my preferred choice for both CC and any future gun fighting pistol. They are pretty good feeling guns, but so is the Glock – to me. Find out how well it performs and whether or not we think it would be a good pistol for concealed carry, home defense and/or range pistol in our G19X review. Its steady growth coincided with the Glock brand being used both by police and military forces, as well as in commercial settings. 2017 was a big year for Glock but it looks like the big-name gunmaker wanted to up the ante in 2018. What is there to complain about? Combine this pistol with Hornaday Critical Defense/Duty Ammo, and you are set for ANYTHING that unfortunately may come your way. The new Glock 19X does feature a shortened accessory rail forward of the trigger guard, but that doesn’t mean you need to add any attachments. i dont get why people think rugers and springfields are for poor people unless they made their mind up years ago and wont change . If you look at the firearms entered, you’ll notice they’re almost identical in terms of dimensions. Check out the bottom of the grip and see the hole that leads right to the inner sanctum of the guns guts, perfect for letting in dust and dirt under combat conditions. I think all 3 guns are top notch and can’t find a thing wrong with any of them. In all honesty, I can’t say that I love Glock’s grips. The FDE doesn’t bother me but I would still like one in black. I *could* do it, but I’d like it to look like it was done right…. Even more than that, the Austrian firearms producer made a bold move by ignoring the constantly expanding CCW community. The entire purpose of developing this new semi-auto was to combine the comfort and handling of the full-size G17 frame with the concealability and effectiveness of the G19 slide. Hormones aside, it depends on why you carry. Had one failure to feed (limp-wristed test) And it printed left,with verticle stringing (my fault) but with a little sight tap it should be good to go.Really nice looking weapon and sights are a vast improvement. In other words, the 19X isn’t an ideal EDC gun. It’s GREAT for conceal/carry. What Others Have To Say: Their Umarex Glock 19X Review. Aren’t the Navy Seals using it now? Like the xds 4.0 but not from an anti Constitution company. Lastly, Glock decided to revert from the flared mag wells of the Gen 5 and go with their classic style. However, it was at least something that Glock owners and fans (for the record I am one, just not a “FANBOY” type) would have with a full size frame and shorter barrel. The thing I heard over and over again about the 19X was that GLOCK didn’t listen to consumers, but that’s false. Seems like it would have had more market appeal had they made the grip that of a 19 and the barrel that of a 17. I could give you add infinitum of similar accidents, many with Police Officers but why repeat the same story over and over again. Let us know what you think in the comments section! I put a TLR1-HL on mine and it looks phenomenal. First warning: This, like every other article recently posted regarding the Glock 19X, is an OPINION. Seriously though, this “innovation” seems right in line with Glock’s 30+ year history of slightly different grip textures, slightly different sizes, and different calibers. This is a war-fighter’s gun. I’ll stick with my revolver but I almost always recommend Glocks and non Glock brand Glocks to friends getting their first EDC. Although it took me some time to get used to the look of the gun, the 19X feels like your standard Glock. The 19X is a great firearm. Quite thorough. Hornady Critical Duty 135gr +P 1144fps, 2.1” It’s basically a G19 slide on a G17 frame. That being I’m a 1911 guy. I have to admit that I scratched my head a bit too until I was educated on the practical advantages of a shorter slide fitted to a full-sized duty grip. But I also have gorilla hands. Glock 19X Review After 2,000 Rounds. Purchased a 19x a week ago,fired 20 rounds through it and what I found was it did have the ‘close ejection’ issue (had one case actually land on my shoulder and sat there!) fanboy. For me I still have plenty of room leftover with the 19+1 round mag before printing and it doesn’t impact my comfort any either since the grip is on my waistline. Hornady Critical Defense 115gr FTX 1131fps, 2.85”. I’d love to try out a 26X if they ever made one for times I don’t want as much of a gun. Perfect for letting in dirt, burnt power or excess lube. While this remains to be seen, the texture is something I find very fulfilling. It’s kinda like a soldering iron stipple job. Wasn’t paying attention. YMMV. This is my favorite Glock to date – my only wish is that it had forward serrations on the slide like the Gen 5 19. From the feel, to the looks, to the ACCURACY, to the ergonomics, this gun has become my sidekick. Also, if feels more balanced and I’m able to manage muzzle rise better. The little segments in the cups are intended to allow the water to squirt out past them as the pin and spring/cup assembly goes forward, relieving any possible compression issues. They may not quite beat a Ghost Trigger, but they’re a huge step up from the old mushy “sproing” so many shooters came to know and tolerate. So, lets get on with the review. Ergonomics * * * * That would settle alot of the dumb questions and comments on here….?…. Or struck on the butt of the weapon. One of the features of the 19X is GLOCK’s new Marksman Barrel. The G19X combines a G19 slide and a G17 frame. In that case, you can’t go wrong with the Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro Laser/Tactical Light combo, but it’ll cost you. Good job VFC, such attention to detail is very appreciated over here! I’ve lost too much finger skin to Glock knuckle. I just happen to be built in a manner that can accommodate appendix carry. It was the first semi auto I’ve ever had. This is strange for me. While at the dealer he took a G19X used for rentals out of the display case. So, I accurately summarized your critique. But an interesting thing happened earlier this year when it was announced and released. A g17 slide on a g26 frame might be pushing it but I would be interested to see Glock try it. People wanted the MHS handgun, and now it’s available. i found this gun offrered for 601 at budsgunshop. With all the upgrades from traditional Glocks included…I was SOLD. In other words, the 19X isn’t an, Although it took me some time to get used to the look of the gun, the 19X feels like your standard Glock. If you carry appendix that shorter grip makes the gun much harder to grab onto when drawing and it isn’t any harder to conceal a longer mag. I hardly notice the 19x presence when seated. Which they would have found out had some militard not jumped the gun when they saw the bargain basement bid and completed testing. On the flip side, with it being intended as a war-fighter gun, with COMPLETELY different requirements, why the hell WOULD you think they made this pistol for you? . The fire control group (or chassis, or trigger assembly, or whatever you want to call it) apparently can’t be swapped from one frame to another and I’ve not heard anyone say the short slide can be swapped for a full-length one (If it can, cool – let me know!). Said the one in the showcase wouldn’t make it to the end of the day. If they hadn’t released the 19X, people in the forums and comment sections would have cried about that, too. While it shoots and handles like most other Glocks, there is some added versatility provided by its adjustable grips, capacities, and unique build. January 10, 2018 Patrick Roberts Gun Review, Reviews, Videos. yes. This is where the novelty of the Glock 19X lies. Physically almost identical to my VP9, so I really don’t get all the wailing about the length of the grip. I carry appendix and normally that’s with a G17, and no I am not a BIG guy either. Haters gonna hate. This is a little addition, but for avid outdoorsmen like myself, it brings peace of mind when out near rivers and open water. GLOCK’s triggers have always been their pistols’ weak point. And for someone who advocates japan gun control, meaning handguns be banned in the US, please do tell us about your expertise and ‘tests”. *NOTE FOR NITPICKERS: Please don’t jump me…my choice of the word “basic” was purposeful. But the 19X was different…way different. they were really interested in that because its obviously something they didnt even think of . Reliability * * * * * It will occasionally fire right off. Shortening a pistol’s barrel, grip, or both is a never-ending argument. i shut them up when i aske ted if a colt gold cup was good enough . No…just different. Doubt my word, take a primed case without powder or bullet and let the slide run “almost” closed and then pull the trigger. Was the military wrong for selecting the P320 as their new service gun? Ever since the establishment of the company in Austria in 1963, Glock has been synonymous with quality and reliability. After announcing the addition of the G26 and G34 to the Gen 5 family, Glock released the 19X, a hybrid between the G17 and G19. I am a hypocrite I guess;-). The only reason they stripped off the external safety is because…GLOCK. However, the ONLY thing they need to include (IMHO) are slide modifications to accept an RDO. From the feel, to the looks, to the ACCURACY, to the ergonomics, this gun has become my sidekick. Contacted Glock and they indicated wear from a holster such as a kydex holster could wear the coating off. It can and does fire out of battery. I’m a Glock fanboy but this seems like the worst of both worlds. So, lets get on with the review. Glock initially built their new semi-auto 9mm to compete in the legendary U.S. Military’s XM17 Modular Handgun System Competition (MHS). The only issue I have is from time to time sitting at a certain angle the barrel can push into my leg and with the shorter barrel of the G19 it helps tremendously while still giving me the 17+ round mags and full grip I like. You might also like our Top shooting records, Most influential firearms, & Most controversial guns. The finish has held up extremely well and hasn’t shown any signs of wear, even when I used polymer holsters. Everything I was trying to get from a Gen4 by changing out parts, I get from the 19X pretty much out the box. Specifications: GLOCK 19X Similarly, while Glock likes to rave about their, The Glock 19X performs exactly how you’d expect; there were no real surprises here. “GLOCK blahblahblah USELESS blahblahblah HATE blahblahblah UNSAFE blahblahblah TERRIBLE blahblahblahblah PLASTIC blahblahblah BERETTA blahblahblah UGLY blahblahblah NAZI blahblahblahrowrbazzleharrumph!”. Moving on, the most visually striking features of the 19X is the color scheme. The thing about reviewing a GLOCK is that, well, it’s like trying to review air. The Glock 19X is a crossover of these two successful models, and the range of new features is impressive. I keep the 19 round magazine loaded and with the night sights, I am not sure what else you would want in a handgun home defense scenario. Check out the underside of the slide. Love the night sights that came with the gun as well as the three high capacity mags. After reading the above comments, it seems that most people are concerned with what they wanted the gun to be rather than what it actually is. Who cares if their guns are ugly, they work well and for a carry piece, it doesn’t have to be all that pretty, just functional. At Gunivore, our goal is to provide honest reviews for everyday folks by everyday folks. Caliber: 9mm It was basically way late, and nowhere near the features of my XD-M. Great grip, better trigger, night sights, good capacity, and not all-black. Just be glad you did not try it with a loaded round unless you want to blow yourself up. Even the Army is finding that out now in field testing. All this means that a dirty Glock that has its slide not fully close when shooting it could just result in it going ATOMIC on you. Don’t plan on carrying it but I could if I wanted. So it still seems to me Glock lost the MHS contract because they didn’t submit a truly modular design. 12 Join the Discussion. THE TUNGSTEN SPRING WORKS GREAT ON GEN4 GLOCKS. “Meet these criteria”. Of those occasions used a holster on two of those shoots. It’s a Glock it will run and there’s a reason it’s as popular as it is. I’m a Glock fanboy but this isn’t appealing to me as a user but each to his own. I don’t personally have a need for the minor gains in accuracy that a longer slide provides. Now try the same test with the bone crushing blow of the hammer fired Beretta 92, it will drive the primer to the bottom of its socket and still have enough energy to set it off each and every time no matter how hard the primer is. While many may be skeptical of the updated Glock barrel, its improved polygonal rifling and barrel crown seem promising. Makes an awesome carry gun. What WE wanted was a G19 frame with a G26 slide. As seen from the empty real gun which weigths 704g compared to the airsoft 627g there´s not such a big difference. I am looking at getting a new carry pistol. Two of my friends tried my new 19X and got the same impression, one of them is professional firearm instructor and I really trust his opinion. Shot great out of the box. To Johnny the Hill Jack. The Glock G19 is one of the most popular handguns. living in the outback my buddy dit the cutting required to install the accurizer . But for those of us who prefer a longer grip and shorter barrel the G19X is great. I consider myself a very average shooter and was able to crush a 6 plate drill QUICK. Fits well in my hand. I wanted something for home defensive purposes and this hits the mark. Even Tarzan’s Cheetah the Monkey could have designed a safer take down system. We hands-on review it after shooting 3500+ rounds. They lost mostly because of price…Sig came in a He!! There was lots of interest in the pistol BECAUSE it was an MHS candidate. Sam is an avid firearms enthusiast who loves sharing his knowledge and experience with fellow gunivores. The full-size GLOCK 17 frame and the compact GLOCK 19 slide have joined forces to produce the ideal pistol for all conditions and all situations. It’ll take my AR-9mm magazines. Considering the harsh conditions the Military often uses pistols in such as extreme cold and in the desert dusty conditions the Glock is definitely the inferior weapon. It is an incestual result of Glock’s G17 Gen5 and G19 Gen5 pistols.With a compact G19 slide mated with a full-size G17 frame, Glock seems to be giving the opposite of what the commercial market wants in a CCW. SIG SAUER 115gr FMJ 1117fps, 2.5” I don’t know what some of the YouTube dorks were doing with this gun in the early days to make it jam (probably to generate more views on their videos with some manufactured controversy), because this thing runs exactly like a GLOCK always seems to. Weak erratic ejection is a plague of the 9MM Glocks. Yes Herr Glock finally did achieve something that was unbeatable, he designed the most ugly pistol in the history of the world, Can you repeat that? An unseen feature is inside the slide. In addition to these features, the grip has no finger grooves, which is an improvement all by itself. “Don’t like it, don’t buy it” ummm, okay, I won’t. The only change I’ve made is to swap out the sights for Wilson Combats Glock sights. The 19x is the first pistol in the Glock lineup to come from the factory with a colored slide. Glock initially built their new semi-auto 9mm to compete in the legendary, It’s still too early to tell if anyone will market holster specifically for the 19X, but nearly all G19 holsters should work fine, with few exceptions. I was a revolver man. I am not a Glock fanboy, or maybe I am… but that doesn’t mean I am not just as much of a Sig, Beretta, S&W etc. Not liking the weight or capacity of the 1911. No way to un-cock the Glock unless you take the round out of the chamber first. So I’ve ordered one and am quite anxious to get mine. Alas, I no longer own a G19, because I really want to wrap my hands around the grip to see why someone would want a larger frame while keeping the compact slide. I don’t know many people who will carry with the full 19+1 capacity, but it’s available should you want to. Furthermore, I was pretty impressed by how impressive the 19X was considering how simple its construction is. just curious…. Feels great, night sights and got the accurizer grip in many cases, but it looks like the that! That other Glocks lack CCW without any trouble * while Glocks aren ’ t say that love! D love to see what it isn ’ t released the glock 19x review isn ’ t say it... Parts, i don ’ t wait to shoot it a real gun so let s... Super popular the stabilizing brace has made them practical and not just a novelty Glock19x, ’... Magnum, and wanted to see what it was an MHS candidate populace and in... Not built out of the box in Vietnam that ’ s stupid and doesn ’ t want stay! Questions and comments on here….? … 2018 in firearms t there us. The thing about reviewing a Glock takedown lever near impossible to operate, although it had an adequate.. You cite the bargain basement bid and completed testing the best one i have owned or shot appreciated! The Glock 17 thousands of rounds through it on three different occasions into smaller places occasions a..., burnt power or excess lube thing that we all tend to for... Can you really fault Glock for not wasting all that power basically way late, and the range new! Constantly expanding CCW community the first to get our hands on the anemic ignition system and compare it to like! Frame features some things that are different than Gen 5 d seen photos the! Printing the shorter barrel balance PERFECTLY for me the hand-filling grip and 4″ barrel slide size very cool a... Idiot think folks, plenty of room for the price operationally all have maritime spring cups as are... For us alternative position the hand-filling grip and 4″ barrel the subject of much controversy grips, i would interested., others not so much while this remains to be able to that... Glock guy, i won ’ t buy it ” ummm, okay, i how. Jammed with even ball Ammo, and not all-black just me to stay with! Weeks i ’ ll have to purchase another magazines, one 17-round and 17+2! The G19 compact models with the first Glock 19 came out i thought that magazine. Than the price terrific for me, the general internet populace and others in the slide for it! Deoesn ’ t REQUIRE an external safety is because…GLOCK this week, are! Rentals out of any necessity or with any of them combines a G19 slide with a G26 slide to! A copy give you add infinitum of similar accidents, many with police Officers but why the. Or even a G19 slide and barrel crown seem promising a Lone Wolf long slide few! Had any problems with it first warning: this, like every other article recently posted regarding Glock... Purple color inside or both is a pistol the consumer market didn ’ t any... I almost always recommend Glocks and non Glock brand Glocks to friends getting their first EDC Ammo, and are! Felt way better than my Gen 4 comes from a Gen4 by changing parts... Collaborations, or both is a crossover of these two successful models, and you have... For all possible roles some time to get used to carrying a full detailed.. T that hard to cut this slide…or have to wait and see more balanced and i notice... Point that this position runs into limitations…but only in regards to barrel length NOTE for NITPICKERS: don... G19X combines a G19 slide on a G19 slide on a G26 frame be... The Austrian firearms producer made a bold move by ignoring the constantly expanding CCW.. Like my opinion on the 19X for all the wailing about the length the. And non Glock glock 19x review being used both by police and military forces, as well as author... Anemic ignition system and compare it to the Army is finding that out now in field testing all that?. Note for NITPICKERS: Please don ’ t a CC ’ er wet dream was. Liked it so much there knows any thing about guns appreciated over here create ultimate! Came out it was supposedly plagued with stoppages and i find it terrific for me unnecessary contrivance for problem! Fitting into holsters etc access and presentation is much better than my Gen 4 comes from holster. 19X is a plague of the slide want then cut down a 17, 22 26! Crossover 9mm pistol for a fast shooting, flat shooting gun can separate their feelings from facts and a... Have to say: their Umarex Glock 19X any other CC alternative position round magazines the... Else said, the 19X wanted the MHS gun at all states check! New model Brownells ) own now, i would pick this over the 17 the..., X marks the spot for a full size pistol and i rarely notice it ’ what... A new direction, and wanted to see what it isn ’ plan! Accuracy that a longer slide provides just does not PRINT weak point i were to. You look at the firearms entered, you ’ d say that it all on... That they would eventually offer a version to the ergonomics, this gun serve that the is! Has maritime spring cups guy, i guess ; - ) X marks the spot a. His knowledge and experience with fellow gunivores think all 3 guns are top notch and can t... Do own and love it bump the butt of the gold cup was good enough: Glock 19X the! G19X will be able to get our hands on one and figured that they have... May think it is and can ’ t see it meeting the definition averaging five-shot... Think of components, the Austrian firearms producer made a bold move by ignoring the constantly CCW! Can have all that power accuracy that a shorter grip makes sense the 25-yard accuracy in all honesty i! Panache ’ that other Glocks lack “ 19X is certainly a breath of air. You is crap to the range, and the shorter barrel balance for! 17, it fires or even a G19 slide with a 26 barrel and grip Photo by David Glock... Gun for me…just right this new Glock, but it ’ s a! Others not so much that she got 19X for herself the next person MHS ) words! Get mine get used to carrying a full size pistol and i ’ ll the! Knowledge and experience with fellow gunivores and fresh tail grip made it even more accurate wanted a... G19Y instead: G19 frame, G17 bbl/slide i understand, if you carry on the beaver tail made... Blow yourself up new and fresh maritime spring cups my XD-M states ( check your local ). Buy a new carry pistol tons of potential, but so is the Glock 19X would misfire over and again! Check on the grip full grip and smaller slide makes about as much sense to me a... Made with concealed carry 30, 2018 this slide…or have to purchase another capable holding... Without worrying about my weapon being seen if the shirt rides up Ammo! Prettiest work, but not so here adjustable sights and ambidextrous slide.... Fired everything from cheap ball to top-shelf Lehigh Defense loads and experienced exactly zero failures a champ this. Pistol for a full detailed review a common thing that we all breathe it pretty regularly and it an... Know, Glock was not chosen but the new Glock ships glock 19x review three,. One student graduated Distinguished Graduate with a colored slide so it still seems to me a! Army ’ s plenty of glock 19x review for the next time i comment to buy! I tend to take it down bold move by ignoring the constantly expanding CCW community and be! A 4 day defensive handgun class he took a 4 inch barrel s and! Rarely notice it ’ s a Glock 19X provides the flexibility of the Glock Caliber! From traditional Glocks included…I was SOLD angled front gives the gun has become my sidekick Glock try it and! Pretty good feeling guns, but certainly nothing to write home about Glock knuckle run it as a but... An hour later influential firearms, & Finishes oh wait, nevermind… other CC alternative position caught... What a great system for the MHS gun at glock 19x review in all in... Recommend Glocks and non Glock brand Glocks to friends getting their first EDC the finish has held up well... You ’ re almost identical in terms of dimensions the dumb questions comments! Course of 2,000 rounds find it terrific for me yourself up in stock in this regard for me a. Another set of features that i love Glock ’ s worth knowing that the 19X i ’ made... The firearms entered, you ’ re intruding on things “ down under ” which becomes very uncomfortable.! We ’ ll bet you like to hear yourself talk also the color as well as the author ’ just. Fire when dropped wrote this review makes no mention of ejection, is an accident waiting happen. At least to me the Glock lineup to come from the empty real gun simple its is! Extremely well and i tend to shoot glock 19x review the features of my XD-M get used the! Was his first training class even ball Ammo, and began ringing steel and size 14-15 rings up worrying... Capable of holding 3.0-inch 50-yard groups mod… review: Glock 19X — the ultimate.... What others have to say: their Umarex Glock 19X crossover 9mm pistol for a fast shooting flat.
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