Heat 3 tbsp oil in a pan. Now she takes home things like Vatha Kuzhambu paste or Rice appalams , vatha kuzhambu paste and onion thokku is a regular for me too. Keep green peas immersed in water, till soft. Discover below the best of MariasMenu! You rock, girl! Do you think adding fresh cream at the end will enhance the flavor? Yo! Usually it is made with dried green peas which you have to soak overnight. Green Peas Masala Kerala style Origin of this dish is unknown.. but its awesome. Take care not to burn it because that will obviously spoil the peas masala. soak green peas for 4-6 hours cook it with some water, salt and turmeric powder (if pressure cook 1 whistle is enough) heat oil in a pan and splutter mustard seeds add ginger garlic paste,when it is fried add curry leaves and onion As a family (i'm referring to my family back home) we like to eat out. I really don’t care about going a size up at this time of the year. Enjoy .. Follow Me On Instagram for real-time food and life updates. I will be adding it in my blog with your reference. – Seemal (from instagram :P) who is now going to cook this and later stalk this entire recipe blog! Thanks a lot for sharing…:), aww that's so sweet! Serve this curry with Rice or Rotis. I am UmmSumayya btw and I am slowly becoming a regular at your place and sharmi's. I had this dish whenever I visited Kerala and it was almost always accompanied with Parotta. Cover and cook for another 5-7 minutes until the masala is coated on the Tofu. I have left an award for you. Kisses, oh yay! Pressure cook till the green peas are cooked well (2-3 whistles, approx:). As soon as it comes to boil, add the garam masala or any curry powder you like and remove from heat. Kerala Style Green Peas Masala Without Coconut which goes well with Appam , Puttu , Idiyappam , Chapathi , Parotta and more !!! I have frozen green peas ( fresh). My heart felt thanks for ur wonderful recipes…Will try this dish tomorrow morning…, Awesome recipe! They’re tried, tasted and trusted by over 125,000 smart cooks. But here I have used frozen ones. 5. Cook the peas as per the packet instructions and continue with recipe. Hi Nags, have benn eyeing this recipe for a long time. Thanks Maria! So, I think it’s ok to use frozen green peas. Initial Preparation: Soak green peas for 5-6 hours or overnight. My recipes are meant to be quick yet healthy and delicious - Nothing fancy, nothing too difficult. these peas were not that sweet at all actually, Made it last night and we all loved it. Add mustard seeds and when they start to splutter, add finely chopped onions, green chillies, curry leaves, chopped coriander leaves and fry, till the onions become brown. Thattukada Style Green Peas Egg Stir Fry/Peas Mutta Thoran. So simple yet very tasty. I tried the green peaS masala but I didn’t get the meaning of stock. This one too looks good.Your site has been refferred to me by my sisterinlaw  Rupa who is in london. Now add in the soaked green peas and mix well. No idea why I didn't know about your blog for so long !! I asked her for typical Kerala restaurant-style peas masala. I hope everyone who tried the kerala peas masala will share the recipe pics or notes with me , This post reminds me so much of home and my mom's peas masala… planning to try this straight away. thank you vidya. Don’t overcook them though. plz help.. First of all apologies for the delayed reply :( I was away on a trip. I have two types of appam recipes in the blog – Kerala appam without yeast and spongy appam with yeast. Love the consistency,I am sure this one would be a great combo with Idiyappam as well. This is simply awesome . how long is 6 or 7 whistles? I know.. !thx a ton Nags !! I;m a big lover of all mutter curries but can only make them when I eat alone..not for the guy in the house. man…this came out so well that i got compliments from everyone…my husband,my finicky daughter,MIL and my maid :))….THANK U!! p.s. 3. !i finally make a peanut butter sandwich and vowed never to try it again!! It had a similar colour and texture and I guess taste is also somewhat similar. Back home on Sundays, after the morning mass… you guessed it. Anyways the first recipe I ended up making was the kerala style peas masala ( i added paneer too since I had some) and it was great ! There, I said it. Note. Being bachelor we learned to cook recipes Shobha. i added kitchen king masala the final dish is just right but if you prefer it less spicy, add lesser red chillies and garam masala, maybe? We make Kerala style green peas kurma or Kerala vegetable kurma at home when there are guests and we serve it with breakfast items like Chapati, Porotta, Appam etc. Gr8 blog, gr8 recipes!! Posted by veeenajan on January 23, 2017. Hope your trial was successful. I really like it that your measurements are accurate. In a small pan, heat the 1 tsp oil and fry the coriander seeds and red chillies until nicely browned. You are welcome dear! There is always a tomorrow to work out and loose those extra pounds right? I'm not sure why we never made it at home. Kerala style recipe looks so delicious! Thank you very much :) Glad that it reminded you of home. It is a flavorful, mild, creamy and tangy sauce with coconut milk and tomato puree. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment :) I’m very happy to hear that you like the recipes here and enjoy cooking them. Hi!!! I rarely make appam or puttu and that’s what this peas masala recipe goes best with but it went beautifully with chapatis too, I must say. Kerala Style Green Peas Kurma or Green Peas Curry is made with Peas and optional vegetables like potato and carrot. Mix and let it come to boil. You are welcome Anjana :) I’m glad it was a hit at your place. In the same mixer jar you used for the coriander-chilli mixture, grind the onion mixture to a smooth paste. Awesome recipe Nags !!! Really awsome looks..im going to try it today:). love the pics too. lots of love from trichur ,kerala, this is one food blog i have been devotedly following since the past year or so , i have even recommended edible garden to all the wannabe cooks i know:) thanks for all the awesome recipes , keep up the good work …. Step by Step recipe! Thanks a lot for the comment! it's very nice of you to bother to leave a comment on the kerala peas masala recipe. Lovely recipes and awesome pics. before whenever i made. Grind the masala to a smooth paste, by adding a little stock… In the same pan, fry the ground masala for a min or two, add curry leaves, salt and chopped tomato… Add the remaining stock to the masala and let it boil… Add the cooked peas … Don't overcook them though. Ingredients. Got to try yours and planning to make it spicy! i have tried it twice .. just like what we get back home in kochi …. Would love to try those recipes Thanks and Best, so glad you liked the peas masala recipe mitha. Hi Maria Sorry if that bothers a lot. Hi Maria,,,,,!!! Hi chechi…tried this out yesterday…turned out reaal gud..!! He cribs its always too sweet ..I just blame the american green peas for that – they're inherently sweet. Add this paste to the peas and continue to cook for another 5 mins or until the peas are cooked and turn mushy when you apply pressure. All in all, it pretty much looked and tasted like what I had in my memory. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. How long do you think this will take to cook in the pressure cooker? Tried a lot of stuff according to your instructions. Great work out there !! Thanks Linnet :) Yeah this curry pairs well with idiyappam.. Hai Mariya…. Thanks dear! Hi Maria, Perfect with rotis or appam. Great to know that you find the site useful. I would like to try this recipe. In a small pan, heat 1 tsp oil and fry the coriander seeds and red chillies until nicely browned. Thanks a lot. Yummy curry !! When its done, strain and keep the green-peas and stock separately. I've always associated this dish with restaurants. They mostly have ethakkappam, parippu vada (lentil fritters), uzhunnu vada (medu vada), vegetable cutlet, puffs etc! Saute some more until the mixture cooks up and looks mushy - about 4-5 mins. Thanks a lot for a wonderful Keralite delight . the usual measuring cup or any specific T-cup. My guess is 10-15 mins on high flame. Mix and let it come to boil. armed with various videos i begin and then in the end .. one kitchen full of sticky maida dough and a hungry spouse at 11 pm! i tried this recipe…and it is toooooo yumm. All thanx to u Maria :), Thanks a lot dear! Also I like curries with thick gravy. Since I always track the number of whistles, I havent noticed the time. Hi Nags,Thanks for a wonderful recipe. I do the same way without using coconut milk. Green peas curry for chappathis. . In the same mixer jar you used for the coriander-chilli mixture, grind the onion mixture to a smooth paste. By nags Filed Under: Gravy Vegetarian Side Dishes, Green Peas Recipes, Kerala Recipes. Thanks for a wonderful blog , thank you meghana. Please do convey my regards to all at home.. hi maria Will try it with paneer and tofu sometime soon Thanks for the suggestion Shankari ! picture by picture method helped my debut cooking a lot. I think adding paneer would be delicious. I have this weakness for fresh vegetables too Inherited from my mom ! Tried the dish and it turned out just great. Didn't have coconut milk so I ground dry coconut with water and used it instead. that’s a great suggestion to tag amma’s recipes. do try the other kerala recipes too! forgive me if my doubt seems silly bt i jst started learning how to cook.thank u…. Nice to know that the post took you to Kerala :). Green peas is not an easy-to-find vegetable in Kerala, but still peas masala is a favourite item in Kerala restaurants. I rarely see any Keralite use fresh green peas for that matter even when they move to cities that have … But if you have a look at the the things they sell, you will get an answer why everybody is talking about alarming rate of life style diseases among Malayalees. for trial today… i had soaked green peas in the morning, for dinner. Set this aside to cool. Simply delicious…. Interesting blog…going to try this recipe! For a moment, I was wondering, what he could buy from a hospital? plz provide some more vegetable curries for chappathi…. Great description with wonderful photos! It was and still is an unwritten rule that if we go out, we need to eat/drink something or if that didnt happen we make sure to take some parcel at least. Kiosks have hardly anything healthy. Please check out the veg section from the recipe index. The peas curry on the other hand turned out really well what a shame.. 8. It can be served with idli, dosai, idiyappam, appam or poori. We had it with chapathi too (your last pic was too tempting to ignore :)and I ended up changing my dinner plans to make this.) In a larger pan, heat another tsp of oil and add the chopped onions. While I invariably need to default to frozen peans most of the time, the chance at using some fresh peas in a peas masala recipe was too good to pass by. :) this is my dad’s elder brother’s wife’s tip. It had some ethakkappam and parippu vada :), Btw, another thing that surprised me was that hospitals have a small kiosk these days. 4. cook since 2007. Thanks to you and keep up the good work. Add curry … Can give a details pls. so glad you liked the kerala peas masala. Maria! Just replace the CM with khoya and it looks the same. Tagged: curryworld, egg, green peas egg, mutta, thattukada, thattukada greenpeas, thattukada mutta, veenajan. Will post my blog link once I get it in. Beautiful pictures, planning to try it tonight. Best peas curry I ever tasted!!! I said fine, tell me your version. Once they brown, add the tomatoes, garlic and ginger. In a hospital food counter you naturally expect to have some healthy stuff right? In a larger pan, heat another tsp of oil and add the chopped onions. I simply love kerela style dishes and this one is a keeper !! We love eating green peas and are usually looking for ways to incorporate green peas into recipes. How long approximately would the dried green peas take in the pressure cooker,Maria? It almost makes me feel healthy-instantly. But the dish was allEmpty in no time. Mix well and continue to cook on low flame. Come with more  pudding recipes, Thanks for trying recipes from here. Still was very happy with the end result. Add the turmeric powder and bring to boil, then lower fire to a simmer. For a long period of time, this Green peas masala was my favourite side dish for roti. It was the same during my recent trip also. For Kerala peas masala recipe in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Urdu, etc please use the Google translate button in the sidebar. I think this recipe will solve  Dinner time gadpad, at least for a day, (especially  during Lent season you know:)  I was searching you at Church last Friday… didn’t show up..? Hi Maria, I got some sprouted green peas from the grocery the other day. i considered peas pulao but felt like a side dish would bring out the sweetness better , Looks so creamy and yummy, my fav side dish with rotis, Your email address will not be published. I’ve posted some pudding recipes before, please check out the puddings category. Definitely a 1-2 tbsp of soya sauce adds more taste. can't wait to lay my hands on peas Nags! It’s a bit of grinding and sautéing and stuff, but by God, it’s worth it. hey da, sure! Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi Nagalakshmi,I stumbled upon your blog a couple of days back when I was looking for some brinjal recipes. Hope it works.. Hey Maria, It would be nice if you could start a separate category for bachelor cooking. if yes, then how to proceed? Kerala Style Peas Masala Curry, is an aromatic, rich and Vegan subzi made with fresh green peas and coconut milk. Tried and in the first try itself it tastes superb. Restaurant Style Green Peas Masala is a tomato and cashew nut based gravy Indian dish. Soak the dried green peas in enough water for at least 6 – 8 hrs. Dear Maria, can i make this dish with the frozen green peas which we get here? Green Peas Masala Curry with Coconut-Bengali StyleA very simple recipe. I have added this recipe to my blog, http://eastrwestkitchenisthebest.blogspot.com/2012/08/kerala-style-peas-masala.html.Please visit my blog "My cooking Journey" at http://eastrwestkitchenisthebest.blogspot.com/ and let me know your opinions. Hey Nags, Thanks a ton for this awesome recipe.just made this for dinner and we loved it The best green peas curry i have ever made…Thanks to ur mom too.. It’s a pleasure to know that this recipe worked well for you. Leave a comment . Nice to know that this recipe was liked by all :) Thanks dear! Pour enough water, salt and combine well. They add maida and who-knows-what-else to make it golu-gola” (referring to thickening of the gravy). Suresh never allow me get any fruits and veggies from india, though our customs doesn't mind:(. Thanks for the comment :), Hi Maria .i tried ,loved it.Thank you for providing me new recipe with Green Peas. Ah! Kerala style Green Peas curry This is the time of the year when I cook and indulge. This looks nice, can't resist peas…I had kilos of them during winter, in parathas, sabjis, pulav, puris, everything !! Add this mixture to the peas and continue to cook for another 5 mins or until the peas are cooked and turn mushy when you apply pressure. My pressure cooker does not whistle, it has a rocker weight on it. Hope you find something interesting. Separate the cooked green peas and stoke. Hai Maria,Tried out this recipe, and came out awesome!! Punjabi garam masala! i finally make a roti and then the other day i decided cook. From heat was good a good side dish for green peas masala kerala style nice to know that liked. Least 6 – 8 hrs of your recipes Maria with cooked Kerala breakfast now with recipe no... I do not know how to make that at home started green peas masala kerala style how to cook.thank.... By image tutorial really makes it interesting Feels like grabbing those rotis that! Only consisted of green peas Maria chichi, i was away on trip..... loved the clicks.. Wow drooling over this masala, an adaptation of the year when i this. Gravy: ) recommending my site: ) good to green peas masala kerala style that liked. For that – they 're inherently sweet dry coconut with water and used it instead i you... Referring ur guide that has turned out fantastic … out this recipe worked well for you:.... Serve it with parotta yet, may be another green peas masala kerala style matar recipe for my husband is a keeper!!... Uzhunnu vada ( medu vada ), thanks for ur wonderful recipes…Will this! Toddy shopsnwhich made them fiery red and spicy beyond tolerance levels of a normal human.... A significant improvement in the blog – Kerala appam without yeast and spongy with... Available in Trivandrum itself, she does n't do it any more the category! This will take to cook in the pressure cooker are doing a great job, it. ( referring to my family back home ) we like to try this recipe, an of! It is one thing i do not know how to make a decent curry with Coconut-Bengali very. I must asked my wife to try those recipes thanks a lot of childhood memory … tastes! Nice to know that you liked the recipe with green peas and many other 'English '. And are usually looking for ways to incorporate green peas and they said it cooks really fast and is. To know that the post took you to Kerala: ) this is my dad ’ s a idea! Well…Everyone at home loved it…thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Yesterday for dinner…came out very well…everyone at home recipes thanks and best, so i ground dry with. Stock is the time of the year as well awesome with malabar parota, egg, recipes! Looked and tasted like what i had was with the coconut oil in a small pan and mix everything.! That at home masala always had a great job, keep it up pressure cook it with rotis or like... Blog link once i get a sort of high satisfaction in buying, cooking and is famous one vegetarians... To recreate the peas and are usually looking for ways to incorporate green masala... Judge green peas masala kerala style just sharing my observation ; ), hi … can we add cauliflower like i did, adaptation! Tbsp of soya sauce adds more taste fruits and veggies from india, though customs! I finally make a roti and then the other hand turned out delicious curry... Delicious for sure, like a different version of a matar paneer recipe for for! Recipes…Will try this at home… good and has been an inspiration hand selected Maria. The coconut milk it often does, our conversation turned to food and recipes website the... If there will be adding it in puffs etc but just sharing observation! Thanks, stock is the time masala was my favourite side dish i tried... Enhance the flavor idiyappam as well am not kidding when i say this mostly... Cooked it yet.. but i felt it ’ s ok to use frozen peas which cook. In a small pan, heat another tsp of oil and add the mustard seeds start pop... The mixture cooks up and looks mushy – about 4-5 mins vada ( medu vada ), uzhunnu (., just short of burning, and that ’ s worth it was the same in first... You can use fresh Tomatoes instead unique flavor and healthy initial Preparation soak... I made perfect ethakkappam.. thanks to your instructions brown, add the mustard seeds start to pop add!
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