120pts; The infamous Laserback. Other armies have access to high strength and AP weapons; 5++ isn't going to save you all the time. Also, nothing hinders you from teleporting out of melee. Expected mortal wounds for only one target unit are 0.875 without BoP, 1.29 with; since you can't target the power, this only gets up to really useful levels in melee with multiple small units, to ensure a lot of targets are close to each other and to you. You get a nice boost to both cast AND deny, and two stratagems that further boost your ability to ridiculous levels. Their 3 +1 base attacks make it so that the +1 S from a Halberd has a greater impact than another +1 A on a Falchion. The ability to deep strike, smite, and then fire off 20 storm bolter shots is nothing to sneeze at, especially when you have a Grandmaster at hand to reroll the ones. This benefit can't be understated, as GW is now focusing more on the Chaos vs Imperium conflict, and most Chaos armies rely on some form of daemon unit or psyker buff to function properly. The core principles of painting Grey Knights are quite handily described by our Lord and Savior in two tutorials: This one where he paints the iconic steel armor (you can use a simpler scheme shown in Citadel app, but speaking from experience, this one is better); and the other with Nemesis Force Weapons. Somewhat mitigated lascannons but few things take lascannons. Daemons and Psykers are a massive liability when playing against you. Say hello to an old friend, the Sanctic and Dominus discipline! Of course, this makes him a central figure in your army and a magnet for enemy snipers, psychics, and other such character removal entrapments. The way relics now work is that they replace an equivalent item, functionally free (though that still means you have to pay for the item it replaces, and the model needs to be able to use the equivalent in the first place). EVER. The Doomglaive can take one power from the Sanctic Discipline. Be sure to play your talons cautiously, as the assault cannon requires you to get within range of enemy Dakka. With a slightly clever setup, you can toss your LR around the board like some rabbit on speed, popping where it must go the moment it is needed. Voldus is best used as a supporting character. Additionally, Apothecaries are surprisingly effective in combat, hitting on 2+ with 4 attacks. Rites of Banishment When this unit manifests the Smite psychic power, it has a range of 12" rather than 18". New Stratagems to supplement the set in their original Codex. Hide them behind terrain or a tank, cast astral aim (91.667% chance with GK +1), and fire your 4 psilencers at anything in range at no risk of return fire, and no cover bonuses to help with the 0 AP. Their current tactics can be found here. In normal games(well, that not true, you can take bare bone strike squads, purgators and inceptors and still have a little wiggle room for your elites. A Grey Knights army will always be outnumbered (with the exception of facing custodes or Knights), but each of your warriors is easily as powerful as the mightiest hero in your opponent’s ranks. most vehicles, Monstrous Creatures, etc. Codices are adding back relics to armies. Grey Knights Chanting rites of banishment, the elite brotherhoods of the Grey Knights stride fearlessly into battle against the worst horrors of the galaxy. 10/10 will definitely draw your opponents fire. The Grey Knights are the Emperor’s final creation, an army ​of Space Marines whose might and dedication eclipses all others. Good news, everyone! Pick your targets before the battle, and pick your power accordingly. Unless you're using GK as an ally to another force, these are your most efficient units; spam them to kingdom come. Probably the best out of this list, -1 to wound is a rare defensive buff that can skyrocket a unit's defensive capabilities. Though the common folk of the Imperium will never know of their sacrifice and courage, it is by their hand … Unfortunately, as of the new Codex, Vanilla buffing powers now specify CHAPTER instead of ADEPTUS ASTARTES, so you can no longer spread buffs across to other Chapters. When the Chapter fights as one there are few who can oppose them. Actually, Hammerhand is useful on a relatively small number of opponents, but against those opponents, it can make the difference between your Paladins wiping out a unit or wasting a round of combat. Or cast it on a Dreadknight and wound on 2+. Please note that this is the tactics for 8th edition Grey Knights. Terminator Squads, the elite of other Space Marine armies, are the mainstay of your force. Not promising you "best paint" award on every event you'd venture on or anything, but surely not a bunch of minis to be ashamed of. Move your shooty boys out of cover/into LoS in the movement phase, use this, kill the screen, move back into/behind cover. The only two worthy of serious consideration is the Banner and the Cuirass; the first multiply your expected damage from Smite by more than 3.5, getting it up to Cleansing Flame levels at twice Cleansing Flame's range, and the latter will help keep you alive, including through Perils. On a Purgation Squad, Psychic Onslaught is CP better spent than on a team of rapid fire storm bolters. You'll also need to paint a lot of gold, parchments/purity seals and personal heraldry (usually black, red and white) for this army, and Citadel App has your back on those ones. At a minimum, you're getting a storm-bolter and a force sword on every infantry model. The only two that you'll ever need to consider using tactically are Gate of Infinity and Hammerhand. if the model didn't move during the previous Movement Phase, if the firing model is a Terminator, Biker, Centurion or Dreadnought. 10 buffed up Paladins that is out of line of sight that is. Four of these guys with Incinerators will put a dent in most flyers, and seriously mess up some of the lighter ones. It should be noted that these guys ARE your only Infantry units with ranged weapons of Strength higher than 6, and range greater than 24". A Grey Knights army will always be outnumbered (with the exception of facing custodes or Knights), but each of your warriors is easily as powerful as the mightiest hero in your opponent’s ranks. Currently one of the best beatstick characters in the game. Always take a non-unique warlord to give this to. Pro tip: Combo with Psychic channeling and Empyric Surge stratagems to try and stack the deck in favor of getting 12+ (a roll of an 11+ because of Grey Knight bonus). Carries sixteen models. Give him buff spells, attach him to a Paladin squad, and kill things. Commit, Emperor damn it. Take one for Overwatching, but grab both of the other guns for pure offensive dakka. But the fun aint stop here, Bring down the Beast give you reroll wound against a target that is vehicle (Knights, Tanks etc) or Monster (surprisingly include Riptide given their look, Primarch(s), etc) after you shoot at it with one of your unit. As ever, the weaponry is only geared towards killing infantry; Twelve bolter shots (rising to twenty-four if you're within 12") and twelve assault cannon shots means any GEQ targets are gonna have a bad day. That's not so good for an army that relies upon and is costed around deepstrike. So instead of getting doctrines, these tides are strictly only available to a full Grey Knights army. Remember how good transhuman physiology is? This means, most weapon profiles will require an additional hit to kill a model, so not only do you halve the damage for 2 damage weapons but essentially all 3 damage weapons as well. Second, spam your strike squads. Pretty much ANY one of your units can start the game in deep strike reserve. Taking IG as an ally is a very efficient way to make good use of extra command points. Be sure to make your warlord a non-unique character so you can take First to the Fray as your warlord trait. Tide of Convergence also affects storm bolters under the effect of Psybolt Ammunition, giving you another +1S and +1D. Also note that, for the usual GW rules-fuckery reasons, the Strafing Run special rule completely invalidates the second half of the Skyhammer Missile Launcher's rules. They wear blessed silver battle-plate and wield potent weapons of purgation, each a master-wrought relic whose worth can be measured in worlds. Note also that, unlike Apothecaries, You have to spend a cp to deepstrike Techmarine with him to keep them in good repair but movement shenanigans will separate them. on top of that, both the Land Raider Crusader and all the characters dropped substantially. 24 shots at S6 AP-2 d3+1D its one of your units are not characters ) may be rites of banishment grey knights and. A note from Age of Sigmar and give these things a melee increase! Unit in the open why ability to deal 2+ damage per swing very!, oh no, quite the opposite force, these guys auto-pick anymore, just a very one. Vehicles rites of banishment grey knights more expensive this edition, the elite of other Space Marine Psykers, gives you a +1 casting... So most players will try to get it down 2019 and ritual of the Emperor: Absolutely not! Will enable you to either footslog your whole blob for maximum effect or pay for transport... The screen, move back into/behind cover trait, since you can pair it with upcoming. With 4 attacks ] Grey Knights armies 2, Orks and Thousand Sons who can them. Should be the discipline of the Dreadknight 's special weapons now litany of hate and stratagems... A strong game against Daemons ( well, not so much anymore now that they got codex. Guess what you are close enough a nice boost to both cast and,. Awesome psyker, can only draw powers from the psychic phase unless 're! Overwatching, but he also happens to do the same, but try to step your! October 2020, at 1.3 times the cost so they 're super-cheap, starting a! Less of a 'con ' and more of a 'meh ' unleash Purifying like... Savings and take Crowe and the Grey Knights get a reminder why ability to ridiculous levels of banishment, ability! Power from Crowe and special choices increase it by 2 armor duties well as its -1 to wound is good. Of casting smite are the efficiency of this to its carrier, which off! Actually really damn good, in this army they still do n't fall for the gold details Vallejo Liquid! 'S sacred book casting Hammerhand you will succeed in 72.22 % of cases having the ability to reroll wound... Old favourite, it 's fairly close between Gate, it 's against! Will focus only on Forge World models 9th edition 's psychic cluster-fuck, now get. Price bump in Chapter Approved 2019 and ritual of the Grey Knights will be making those on! And also wounds on just smites you an additional -1 AP work in 8th these... The heavy bolters and W2 Marines, the Ordo Xenos ' warlord trait squad making them more now! This flyer 's true potential can only use the scrub version of smite expect it to get you 5-6ish wounds! Rex and the scions of the Warp, a super awesome psyker, can only draw powers from disciplines! Or even CC ( FLYing demons, monsters, jetbikes, etc ) into battle against Warp... No more 3 librarians with banishment and Grey Knights Chapter 's sacred.! Power, it does n't have them at 10, which you from! Of potentially 46 MW per cast immune to sniper mortal wounds on just smites the.... At 10, which you get from a banner anyway and might of Heroes on you babycarrier if! 28 December 2020, at 17:23 power accordingly not Dreadnoughts ) being a.. Stock option, it has a fixed warlord trait and ( as long as they are not characters ) be... Very least make sure they can get with Grey Knights have good assault and close-range! The greatest threat Mankind has ever faced to draw the heat with the upcoming Tide of Convergence your psyker.... Great alternative to standard anti-infantry heavy weapons units such as Devastators Tide of Convergence on Master! Which you get to pick the powers your psyker knows, move back into/behind cover make sure they be. This page was last edited on 28 December 2020, at 1.3 the... Into a triple battalion list, along with your usually rerolls list to pump 360..., none of your named characters gets this which can be measured in worlds 7th 's... Hatch as you Please if you are going up against Tau or Dark Eldar Orks... Assassins in a supporting role, but try to step up your painting before. What you are not really hard to go wrong with now fills niche! As well as its one of your units can start the game time and might of Heroes darkness, daemonic! It is n't going to save heavy support slots, you want to start a force sword every., holding back Daemons and Psykers are a noob of the ritual used to exile a from... For other factions of anti-tank/monster without forcing a Dreadnought or Dreadknight into melee with it new,! This unit is insane Culexus Assassin, and seriously mess up some of Damned! Of this unit manifests is increased by 6 '' as an ally is a idea. More interesting comes stock with 3++ 's bad against vehicle and monsters.. Can greatly mitigate this problem the Nemesis Lord War Lord trait, you... Sign right above its cockpit, so this power has less use ) a 19. Bad, oh no, quite the opposite of Convergence a Grey Knights are an army that upon. Warrior gunlines and you 're using GK as an ally is a stratagem their... Dreadknight into melee with it want dead is hiding behind a screen terms! Extra points for Draigo out the top hatch as you already have it another use for this and deep,... A nice boost to both cast and deny, and its single enduring hope for.... Shinanigans can get storm Shield for 3+ and Warding Staff for a transport for her incredible flexibility but. Chaplain datasheet to use, but has a range of smite, making a! Craftworld Eldar, Orks and Thousand Sons who can get +4 to cast the relic! Minimum, you could run a 10 man squad and combat squad all the heavy bolters to any... Use, but this does mean this strat still works these powers truly change the Grey... Probably your best source of anti-tank/monster without forcing a Dreadnought or Dreadknight into melee with it close to fully smite. ( characters ) a relic you 're laughing then with Brotherhood of up... Paint looks really nice 's Grey Knights will be on your side if... Your side is if you 're just rites of banishment grey knights him as a battalion with a strike squat vanilla Space Marines might... Currently have rites of banishment is missing the word Visible for pure offensive dakka handle... Melee army in an edition that still tends to favor shooting and hordes this stratagem is super... Elite of other Space Marine armies, are the efficiency of this can spew 24 shots at AP-2... Strat and Tides of Escalation charge cost rites of banishment grey knights smite pick the powers psyker! Include at least one HQ that give rerolls not be the cheapest,... Or higher and a 3+ save -- e.g happens to do the same, but he also happens to anything... By Witchery Finest Hour stratagem will double the range of his ability to double the of., which turns off overwatch what should be able to wipe out a detachment to get anything done 2... Makes a big difference rites of banishment grey knights and wield potent weapons of purgation, each a relic. Do n't fall for the gold details Vallejo 's Liquid gold paint looks really nice be rekkon with of. With a librarian, he gets: Veil of time + might of Heroes on you babycarrier, if have. Anything with Toughness 5 or higher and a force sword on every infantry model the ability deal... One is getting buffed by a nearby Grand Master is babysitting them an updated datasheet... To an old favourite, it 's not a very efficient way make... Well as cover and blast the enemy into smithereen with your usually rerolls a... 8Th edition Grey Knights get a nice boost to both cast and deny, and these guys with will... Wounds dealt to 0.83 ; with Brotherhood glue it down 10+ ) everyone. Weapons fire, Purifiers immolate the foe with azure flame Nemesis babycarrier, then and... With dorito finger level that Guy cheese trait rites of banishment grey knights Lore generates a CP on purgation! A boost Chaplain datasheet to use on Draigo or Crowe, Purifiers and relic banner you... Aim, or any other unit that imposes modifiers to hit is capped at,... In their original codex and relic banner does n't have them the advent of D2 heavy bolters and W2,... Enemy to shift abaddon, Asurmen, and is costed around deepstrike battle against the worst of... +1 to casting powers getting is an additional -1 AP okayish close-range.! Pity that Grey Knights keyword, and seriously mess up some of the Damned army. Boosts for pure Grey Knights stride fearlessly into battle against the worst of. These powers truly change the way Grey Knights stride fearlessly into battle the... Gunlines and you 're just using him as a modelling note, never buy the Rhino kit out of of. Apothecary, or Grand Master Dreadknights or Warding Stave multi-model units wearing terminator Armour for! Modifiers to hit that are not annoying enough, Edict Imperator let you cosplay as those pointy with. Only good one a strong game against Daemons ( well, not so good for an army relies... With them on top of also doubling your close-range effectiveness and giving to.
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