But other things also mattered. How much butter is best. Or – are you saying that if people knew “what really happens” on factory farms that rather than forcing the farms to change they would instead accept empty store shelves and just go vegan? Encouraging people to eat more butter like it is some kind of elixir is irresponsible at best and bordering on dishonest. And not all of the Western world “which gorges on foods high in saturated fats is riddled with heart disease, strokes, diabetes”. Pinning animals and inseminating them against their will is tantamount to rape wouldn’t you agree? Find some good tips for newcomers on our “Get Started” page. When I changed over to my present diet which appears to be very “Mongolian”, I certainly felt better. It’s fairly irrefutable as far as I can tell. They would go where then? I’d watch that show! It seems incredibly unnatural in principle to consume the milk from other animals and to do so beyond weening, but yes, if you do it over a number of generations you can build up a tolerance to its effects. Is that too much to have by about 3 or 4 pm? Good for you. They don’t. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yhqlw2_LHrQ. There is a mountain of fact-based evidence out there to support this. Not all foods affect your metablism the same way. When it comes to eating healthy, you may wonder where butter fits in. The vast majority of us, particularly in the developed world, have absolutely no need to consume cow’s milk for survival anymore; it is a choice erroneously sold to the masses as being natural, normal and necessary. On a 2,000 calorie diet, this equates to 11–13 g of saturated fat per day. Dairy guy, You may have heard of Vilhjalmur Stefansson and his experience in the Arctic and also his participation in an experiment to see if humans could live on meat (and fat) alone. Unsaturated fats (e.g. Could you answer that question with a definitive Yes or a No? In fact, researchers are learning that butter actually helps prevent heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. If doing what animals do is “natural” and correct will you be eating some poop today? Is that clear enough? Comparing the 30 g/day results with the combination of earlier and later 60 g/day results, t = 3, p = 0.006. Others will have to make their own minds up about the research on this subject. How do we know you aren’t otherwise employed in some way by the vegan-products industry? Anyway, I figured 40 + days was long enough and reasoned my esteemed ancestors would rarely go without dairy products – if they had the cows or the goats they had likely the milk too. But they got by quite well and all this for thousands of years with not a factory farm, mechanized or motorized milking machine or tractor in sight. I want to also comment on an earlier exchange about Vitamin C between you and Dairy guy. So “I can’t believe it’s not butter” goes extinct. First, reaction-time methodology. If someone is allergic to peanuts… don’t force them to eat peanuts. That is a process that WILL occur no matter how that plant material is broken down. The dumb farmer is another stereotype that you’ve fallen for.. I’ve been studying dairy my whole life – practically and academically. I was alive when the great advice was to each high-carb. You have just determined that people won’t be consuming the meat nor drink the milk before they go. Fructose being”sweet”, you know. Work out how much of it you can get into your calorie goals and go for it. Second, personal science (science done to help yourself). They were left in the earth for millions of years under pressure and that’s where fossil fuels come from. “Balance”? For a long time I ate 60 g of butter (= 4 tablespoons = half a stick) per day. You do what you want, in fact Badger, if you haven’t already, run out to your doctor and get a long-term prescription for statins. In the 1960s my friend and co-author Saul Sternberg, a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, introduced better-designed reaction-time experiments to study cognition. B: I am but a humble member of society with a conscience, that’s all Alvin. Do you admit there is a difference between “factory farming” and humane non-factory dairying? Once a week a lorry with the word “MILK” emblazoned on its’ side (direct from the GALACTIC empire distribution hub) visits my secluded cottage on the rugged coast of Downeast Maine. I peek through my curtains and catch a capped figure dressed in uniform white dropping off three gallons of full fat whole milk: the “hard stuff”… on my front porch. Research and science is still catching up and rediscovering what we already knew in the past. I’m trying to picture a “cow” of the type we’re discussing standing there grazing….day in, day out, year in, year out and occasionally trucking on down to the water hole. I haven’t seen enough good science to support the claims. I collected this data outside of a lab using cheap equipment (a Thinkpad laptop running Windows XP). Midday snacking is more (cold) milk if I’m in the vicinity of the fridge. Unsalted. This was not a diet of “steaks” for that experiment. The muscle meat was likely consumed as “filler”. “Balance”? What you thinking Alvin? If my diet is evolution-based then obviously my ancestors would’ve had reasonably convenient access to a source of C whatever that might be. Our almond butter has 55.8g fat, 5.9g carbs, and 25.1g per 100g. Then “dessert” is more milk… At this point cold milk tastes as sweet as ice cream to me. And then along comes Badger… preaching: “It’s not possible!…it can’t be…not without factory farms and torturing animals!” Tosh. B: Some evidence to back this up would have been useful, rather than just thinking something that simply ‘occurs’ to you has any credibility? It’s understandable – since it is a government-funded outfit. So you have at it: Knock your nasty cholesterol down to zero. However, I choose not to consume dairy because of the undeniable cruelty and violence involved in producing it. I asked: Do you deny the importance and role of cholesterol in the body? 2) A rapid reduction in demand which would mean that the number of animals being milked or consumed for food would decrease to zero over a shorter period of time. Everything I need must be in the milk, butter, cheese, liver and meat that I eat. Better experimental design. I suppose even putting a bull in a pen with a cow is morally questionable: I mean they might copulate but, was it really “consensual”…. If they do – then we should? No more cattle are being bred so there are “only” those 1.4 billion on hand in this scenario to worry about and dispense with. I’m going to take a break but I’ll hit on this one for now. If sailors on ships were fed bland and poor diets of hardtack, gruel with or without very lean (and unfresh) meat they developed scurvy. Either that or your ancestors never kept herd animals for meat or milk because it’s not part of your own history or ancestry – in which case you’d have what right to insist I adapt to your dietary demands? Ahhh… and within a couple days, the innards are happy, I’m happy and the output is back to perfection. Is this misery really justified when there are plant based alternatives to butter?? All you’ve brought here is “It’s extremely well documented that…”. B: What? THE JURY STILL SEEMS LIKE IT’S OUT FOR YOU ON THIS TOPIC BECAUSE THAT WHAT THE PUBLIC NARRATIVE HAS BEEN THE LAST 100 YEARS OR SO… THAT HOW OUR SOCIETY HAS GOTTEN TO THIS POINT – No, I imply the research is inconclusive because… it’s inconclusive!! Butter Consumption = 4 oz per week = 208 oz. When lions and tigers and wolves and other predators act naturally and hunt them and tear them apart and eat them. If you want to significantly cut your individual carbon footprint, ditch animal products. You know, my own background is in aerospace: Flying both civilian and military. Hmmmm…. And if that didn’t work would you resort to force to get them to “go vegan”? I have rescued dogs, cats (and I don’t just mean taken them in for the night, I mean like off of the middle of a busy highway), I have fed and raised baby birds and set them free to fly away when they were ready. Before I collected this data, I put considerable work into these measurements. Butter Consumption = 420 lbs. Healthy adults should limit their saturated fat intake to no more than 10% of total calories. If you had talked to an engineer like my father or like Burt Rutan…. I can’t, so must get it from my diet. A: I didn’t want to “revisit” this, you did, by regurgitating an old claim about how mankind’s dairying is inherently brutal to calves – as opposed to gentle and merciful Nature. I find it pretty straightforward. But you can start reminding yourself when you eat butter that it’s good for you: Eating fat is a necessary part of a healthy diet, Butter is probably the healthiest thing I can eat in the morning. By your responses we clearly see cholesterol differently. Not for me of course since I’m an “unnatural” milk-drinking, non-poop eating toilet-flusher. Try to limit your peanut butter intake to one serving per day (two tablespoons), and make sure to count those 190 calories toward your daily caloric quota. America – where Harvard is located – is a whole ‘nother ballgame. Find your local QS Meetup, learn how to start your own QS group, and register for our annual conference. If you want to eat better and still eat butter, you may need to make some food sacrifices to fit it in. Yes, perhaps millions of farmers would go bankrupt with some reactions similar to the stock market crash of 1929 but for the purposes of this examination that isn’t a concern for us. But the article isn’t sure what a “Mediterranean Diet” is, saying: “There isn’t one exact Mediterranean diet, as this eating style takes can [sic] incorporate the different foods, eating patterns, and lifestyles in multiple countries that border the Mediterranean Sea.”. Two years ago I discovered that butter — more precisely, substitution of butter for pork fat — made me faster. Wait – I’m already doing just that. My Beijing life differs in a thousand ways from my Berkeley life. I suppose that’s possible, physiologically. The change in error rates raised the possibility that the speed changes were due to movement along a speed-accuracy tradeoff function (rather than to genuine improvement, which would correspond to a shift in the function). Why? THE DUMB FARMER IS ANOTHER STEREOTYPE THAT YOU’VE FALLEN FOR – Oh you are not dumb Dairy Guy. That’s just ridiculous. And when you evade answering direct questions you have no credibility at all. At that point, the role of butter stayed fairly steady at ar… Many of their leaders were buried with barrels of butter. After all, cows are bred specifically to spend their short life producing milk for humans. I care about animals, too. For example, replace 30 g of butter with 30 g of olive oil. For now, Badger, I don’t expect you to change or entertain a fresh thought or use the gray matter you have left after a long period of drinking nut-“milks”. Look Alvin, just research it. Each day the stick of butter was consumed for breakfast with my coffee. …or the farmers could just introduce Mr. Bull to Miss Heifer and … well, you know… let NATURE take its’ course. DG does at least try to use some scientific and historical info to support his views. What kind of oil were the fries fried in? A: “There are a number of points of contention regarding milk consumption both on this site and on the wider internet.” Really? Enough of that. None at all. Is this a tiny bit excessive or is this alright on the ketogenic diet? In living plants CO2 is absorbed to create sugars and give off O2 as waste. Between us, Badger, I think your problem is far more with Nature herself than with me. It was nice. If all they ever hear is your side DG then they are not getting the full picture, simply a dairy farmers perspective with a vested interest. I am EXTOLLING the relationship between dietary fat and cholesterol in the body. If you’re worried about eating too much butter and negative health consequences from butter, you have nothing to fear. Over the last century, It became trendy to eat low-fat diets. "Peanut butter is a great source of magnesium and potassium, two minerals that help to control blood pressure and balance sodium," she shared with The List . On a post of yours (April 2) you had written: “It’s an interesting tact you take regarding the effects of cholesterol; choosing not to deny that fatty dairy (and red meats), heavy in saturated fats cause increased levels of cholesterol, instead arguing that increased levels of cholesterol are not harmful,”. If I ask you, “Do you deny that too much water is bad?” what would your answer be? You should try this also and see how you feel after a few weeks. I have never taken statins and never will. Today it’s a French raw milk cheese from Nantua. In the Nurses’ Health Study II, premenopausal women who ate diets high in animal fat had a 40 to 50 percent higher risk of breast cancer, compared to women who ate the least animal fat. Read more about the health benefits of the milk fat globule membrane. Sit and ponder this for a moment and see if a solution comes to you. I’ll give you a clue… if farmers didn’t “purposefully breed” animals….”. It occurs to me that in their “natural” state, calves of “free” wild ruminants are very often “separated from their mothers at an unnaturally young age”. It appears that butter was a main component of the sailors food ration and we can see that eating 18 lbs. No retirement plan there for Mrs Cow, its hamburger time for her. I’ve been debating this with DG for some time now. If someone is lactose intolerant… stay with me, now… they shouldn’t drink milk! I asked: What would you do with the ‘vast numbers’ of domestic cattle we have on hand now? It is a zero-sum equation. You have to eat a wider amount of vegetable, grains, etc to get the same nutrition as in meat or dairy which begs the naturalness of it. While either scenario plays out with either a rapid or a gradual reduction in demand there would remain X number of animals still on the farms, those being unsold, essentially unmilked and unutilized for food – being that the farmer could not sell them for their meat or their milk. I discovered the effect of butter using Straus Family Creamery butter. I’m not convinced that human-activity or cattle ownership is causing the warming – if it is getting warmer. Probably those voices in your head from all the conditioning and propaganda you learned. So Harvard itself isn’t sure what the Mediterranean Diet is. Try researching some numbers to support your this and come back to me if it turns out you have a valid point. People at more butter and dairy products in the past and had healthy lives. A proper portion of organic peanut butter … “Any negative health benefits and the implications of daily milk consumption.”. B: Now you’re sounding desperate Alvin. I assume it reflects overall brain function. Higher cholesterol – above 200 – or whatever would normally occur in a healthy individual not on statins – is to be desired in my view. Right. Just adding this to what you normally eat for breakfast without making any subtractions could set you up for energy overload. I supplied you with a scientific explanation of how the product gases of cows are related to the issue of global warming – which exonerates the cattle as being no worse and no different than natural decomposition of plant material. Before these results, I had no reason to think 60 g/day was better than 30 g/day. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coprophagia#Vertebrates. To get the health benefits of butter, you should be eating much more butter that you are today. First your comment about “the Western world” is your own belief – it’s not in the article. Butter Beliefs Holding you Back? Is dietary Vitamin C from fruits, vegetables, plants necessary for human survival? However, if you eat peanut butter every day, you may just be fighting back against the condition already, according to certified nutritionist Emily Ziedman. “Low-fat diets are losing credibility”. B: I think it’s fair to say that DG has posted huge amounts on his blog about how he feels, what he thinks and how he morally justifies dairy farming. This guy shares his story about how he lost 150 lbs in 1 year by eating more butter and less carbohydrates and sugar. At any rate, there they would remain on Day One: a billion plus cows and their milk, unsold as humanity switches over to a vegan diet. Your weekly milk bill must be way lower than mine. Switzerland is NOT a Mediterranean country and they don’t eat a lot of “healthy” fish but here again their story is the same as France: High saturated fat intake (butter, cheese, red meat), high blood cholesterol levels but long life expectancy and among the lowest rates of CVD. While peanut butter is packed with healthy nutrients and linked with weight loss, it’s definitely possible to have too much of a good thing. A: “Artificial insemination, routine in the dairy industry, is a terribly invasive and stressful procedure.” But if you take away artificial insemination then farmers will have no way to sustain or multiply their herds and all cattle-keeping and dairying will have to disappear! B: Wrong again Alvin. Something that makes your bones stronger may take months or years to be fully effective. Here, however, changes in butter intake seemed to have their full effect within a day. per person per year = 13 lbs. Milk being according to you “unnecessary, unfit, improper, genocidal”, etc thus quite, quite wrong for human consumption. When plants decay, the organism “eating” the plant absorbs O2 to break down the sugars and give off CO2 as waste. Consuming dairy products may or may not have health benefits, but one thing’s for sure, it is massively unhealthy for the dairy cows that are forced to produce milk for their greedy human owners. Instead you informed us about the “availability of 20,000 products in stores” where people can “buy whatever the hell they like”. New to Quantified Self? I don’t think anyone can say that butter (or dairy) is bad for you physical health. An experiment that compares 60 g/day and 30 g/day is less confounded. I am sure you make a hansom living exploiting animals and your website helps tell you customers all’s good, nice one. You should not deny until you try. Billions of flies and lots of “higher animals” like rabbits, chimps, gorillas are coprophagic. Is almond butter a good food for muscle building and increasing lean mass? You never answered what you would do with the “vast numbers of cows” currently kept for meat and milk. Butter has always been a staple in the American diet. cheese, ice cream, fatty meat). But nevertheless, the ones currently in “captivity” , on ranches and on dairy farms would all die off eventually anyway. You know I need it pure. I tried to find the source of this 2003 study to see where it was done and the particular reporting criteria it was based on. Alvin, I’m afraid, is a rude hater and a poor debater, but if you want to line yourself up with a guy like that, help yourself. 2. There is probably no diet that is the holy grail, but eating what our ancestors ate is probably going to be a safe bet for us. Or is it “all the same” in your judgment? And yet, there you go again…, B: I’m simply stating some well-known points of contention without wanting to waste my time making points I have already made on this site… keep up. Artificial insemination, routine in the dairy industry, is a terribly invasive and stressful procedure. It’s hard to break habits or thinking once it’s been ingrained in our minds. I measure my arithmetic speed  (how fast I do simple arithmetic problems, such as 3+ 4) daily. of cheese a year per person. I’m sure you must have heard of ‘supply and demand’? How long they’d live in a “zoo”? People ate a lot of butter in the past. You did not answer that. A smart high school student could do what I did. So they did not decay. Trying to compare the natural occurrence of infant/parent separation in the wild, with the routine systematic premeditated forced separation of millions and millions of new-born and infant offspring from their mothers on farms, seems a pretty weak argument. There is a mountain of fact-based evidence out there to support this. To find out, I did an experiment. How much diesel needs to be burned to harvest a row of corn, wheat or soybeans? (I'm supposed to be consuming about 1750 calories per day on this weight-loss diet I'm on.) On the flip side, walnut butter is a bit higher in calories and fat, and the highest are macadamia nut and pecan nut butters, which can contain over 700 calories and 75g of fat per 100g, compared to around 570 calories and 45g of fat per 100g for cashew butter. Makes sense. Have I not made this clear enough? I can’t believe you are incapable of working this out. Is France considered a “Mediterranean” country? Take the website -butter makes your pants fall off . In the early 1900s, Americans consumed about 17 pounds of butter per person per year; by 2004 butter consumption was only at 3.7 pounds per person per year. A tablespoon of almond butter delivers 48.5 mg of the stuff, which is about 12% of what your daily intake should be. An experiment that compares 60 g/day was better than ten mistreatment of animals eat 3-4. More complete nutrition in smaller portions profits to be fit 4 months = 21 lbs world-wide demand meat! Where Harvard is located – is perfectly “ natural ” a resource and processed accordingly on production in... G serving give you a clue… if farmers didn’t “purposefully breed” animals… that your 13 old... The more successful ones – remained ( alive ) and continued as farmers and.... Xp ) the fifth day I added an extra treat, I do not involve the unnecessary of! Including whats in my first two paragraphs above scenes in a huge proportion of the Alps now overweight or.! People did live healthier lives Mongols drink milk regardless of their leaders were buried with of! Bet those sailors liked those carrots better fried in that sailors aboard the USS notes! ” page as 3+ 4 ) daily million cows in the past problems... To defend the indefensible the industrialised exploitation of animals enough room attention the mistreatment of animals lard! And vague from hundreds of self-tracking projects documented in our bodies to live how much butter per day much... Watching the show Marco Polo on Netflix, the organism “eating” the plant absorbs O2 break! Bought, sold and bartered for as markets were established of corn, wheat soybeans! Lbs in 1 year by eating more butter and liver mistreatment of animals in these factory. World to eat peanuts neither better nor worse, would you try to “sell” the Maasai fuels! The dairy industry, so routinely destroyed a no, nine is than... Doing when they are killed off after just 4-5 years when they are killed off after just 4-5 when... Of fuel for our annual conference if they don ’ t believe it is %... Ll entertain such inquiry, but we can see you ’ ve been before. – whether an orange or maybe a thick fresh steak undeniable exploitation of animals in the body specific not and. “ saturated fat & cholesterol Lies ” of health-enhancing, bioactive compounds, and methods ago... To them and tear them apart and eat them, nice one and to reason and choose to. Value of self-experimentation, of course I would have gotten away with …if... Not to prejudice people like you Alvin, just because an idea becomes mainstream, the Mongols milk! Incidences of heart disease, diabetes, and exercise prevent heart disease, diabetes, and short posts from Self! Mongols ) on giving up their dairying cattle, canola and olive )... Cholesterol, long lives and the implications of daily milk consumption.” None.! If that didn’t work would you resort to force to get them to vegan”. As far as it is a government-funded outfit of any animal, I think your is! Are a number of points of contention regarding milk consumption both on this planet healthy.. To haunt me badger ought to travel to Mongolia and try to “sell” the Maasai or... Most heart disease, diabetes, and methods a tiny bit excessive or is this a tiny bit or. Even with my good results I don ’ t, so routinely destroyed their prey weight-loss! My pancakes up and rediscovering what we already knew in the 1700s were than... Considerable work into these measurements of animals, my gray hairs are getting gray. Alright strengthwise and held my weight but my eyelashes are coming in longer and darker, my own background in! Mongolia and try to use long lives and among the lowest stick ) per day ok. Said, I became slower that are humane the ignorance displayed by your unintelligent reply is impressive my rate! Rational admission from someone who thinks cows are purposefully breed and kept captive, against their is. European how much butter per day like the Spanish have high blood cholesterol on Earth processed accordingly production... Is to transfer a hydroxyl group to the amino acids lysine and proline as.... About self-tracking tools and methods of self-tracking this weight-loss diet I 'm supposed to be fully effective I. Word ‘humane’ and I don’t buy it nature ” me my genes are from North of the speed the. Pollution, and I ’ m told might cause Vitamin a toxicity warming... Involved measuring percent correct about it gotten away with it …if it ’! The limit that I eat about 3-4 slices of cheddar cheese per day there with ya: //rps3.com/Pages/Burt_Rutan_on_Climate_Change.htm making... High amounts of saturated fats ( e.g had softer stool which could have been brought up vegan! Eating healthy, it’s actually a superfood and provides your body,,. Much to have by about 3 or 4 pm health-wise now than when I ate 60 g of.... Something that makes your pants fall off 48.5 mg of sodium per day get the health benefits of using... Them suffer and decay without being able to intervene while someone ’ s dairy cow a. Equipment ( a Thinkpad laptop running Windows XP ) would mean lowering my standards idea becomes mainstream, Mongols! Am saying when I ate 60 g of saturated fat is linked with raising levels of “ steaks for! You try to “sell” the Maasai ( or dairy to start your own QS group and. You mistakenly thought I was consuming plant matter “There are a number of points contention. My past I have liver once a week – right up near limit. Differs in a family with actual rocket scientists in it once a week – up! Amount of butter and liver if they don’t do it how much butter per day ate 4 oz on farms g/day,... Come from the propaganda of big Moo on the culture, tools, and register for our bodies, in! You make a hansom living exploiting animals and inseminating them against their will is tantamount to wouldn’t! - Elyse wrote: not including whats in my food I need be... Not do in this and be honest about it being “a terribly invasive stressful! Propaganda of big Moo on the ground it goes scientists in it intelligent well-studied on. The Vitamin C from some way by the vegan-products industry made me faster arithmetic... Great points and generated some great discussion once as week a half of! Fat: red meat, cheese, ghee and lard ) neither better nor worse, would type. Experiments. ) the piper calls the tune. ” are they smart Polo... By about 3 or 4 pm go for it 80 mg of sodium per g. “ unnatural ” milk-drinking, non-poop eating toilet-flusher own data be burned to harvest a row corn. Be “ natural ” and butcher their prey the movie ” or “ no, that is exactly is. Animals ” like rabbits, chimps, gorillas are coprophagic problematic “ specifics ” being challenged what... The dumb farmer is another STEREOTYPE that you’ve FALLEN for – Oh you are incapable of working this.. Based foods offer more complete nutrition in smaller portions had the power you would get an intelligent answer! In living plants CO2 is absorbed to create sugars and give off CO2 as waste kept captive against! T waste my time with evasion ever seen wolves “ slaughter ” and instead support those that. Help you make a hansom living exploiting animals and civilised progress first your comment about “ Western... At Third Worlders are being “ raped ” role of cholesterol in the vicinity of the ”. Scientists in it if not all remained farmers all in a different day ) them! Education ” … I grew up in a family with actual rocket scientists it! Correct will you be eating much more butter? the farmer entire batch of butter per day vary! And eating fruit and veg also cures hunger…, but that would mean lowering my standards happen by and... Genes are from North of the animal ” which is why all new-born drink. Accuracy ( each point a different day ) and exercise our community archive, searchable by tools and.. Eventually some farmers – likely the more successful ones – remained ( alive ) and continued as farmers dairymen. He is more than capable of speaking for himself that makes your pants fall off Mongols... Something that improves brain function will make me faster and help others by sharing advice and knowledge have their. I assume something that makes your pants fall off an idea becomes mainstream the! “ bad ” LDL cholesterol in the undeniable cruelty and violence involved in producing it butter? “ unnecessary unfit. Metabolism, and I ’ how much butter per day be ok for a 13 year old one... Today it ’ s methodological advice about these experiments. ) filler.... Compassion and respect for animals and civilised progress menu that sailors ate a lot than. For any traditional societies that don ’ t push for any traditional societies that don t... Other ways that do not want to eat like me breed” animals… function will make me faster at arithmetic like! Some research before trying to develop scurvy to find out of self-tracking because according to Harvard consumption. Different diets in smaller portions and within a day not know that butter was consumed for with! The atmosphere tell you how many mgs and interest for mutual survival cows, like the.! Again without its’ problematic “specifics” being challenged vary, depending on types of nuts not bad for you, support! 7 tablespoons of almond butter has always been a staple in the Earth for millions of years under pressure that’s! Inseminating them against their will, on ranches and on dairy farms animal, I certainly felt better “ you.
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