The episode even gives a nod to the fact that Dr. Two-Brains once penned the book "Superheroes … WordGirl… He and Two Face both share a split personality, which occasionally takes over them when provoked. Fill the Cheese-o-meter by turning everything in the lair to cheese! Two-Brains obviously loves cheese. As Dr. Two-Brains, however, he has white hair and red eyes, along with whiskers and a mouse brain fused to the side of his head, thus earning him the name "Dr. Two-Brains". Due to the mouse brain having a high degree of control over the doctor, Dr. Two-Brains now has an insatiable hunger for cheese, and all of his crimes center around this. (Camera shifts to WordGirl, who is standing on a large “X” on the floor.) Also, like WordGirl, Two-Brains seems to know most of the words in the show, and even defines a few as well. M!A with set ask numbers are preferred. Dr. Two-Brains is a villain in the educational show WordGirl.. Category:Dr. Two-Brains episodes | WordGirl Wiki | Fandom. Dr. Two-Brains: (clapping … Two Brain Highway - WordGirl must track down Dr 2-Brains after he escapes from the Prison Warden's life-size maze, the same week there just happens to be lots of rare cheese to steal from events around town. A Sticky Situation/Eight Legs Vs. Two-Brains - January 21, 2021 8:30 pm on PBSKIDS - January 22, 2021 4:30 am on PBSKIDS - January 24, 2021 8:30 pm on PBSKIDS However, he is later hit by his amnesia ray and thus forgets WordGirl's secret identity, as does her family when they also get hit by said weapon. Time to play with the cheese ray! He can be seen as the main antagonist of the television series, as he's one of the few recurring villains in the series. Dr. Two Brains, Mr. Two-Brains has also spoken of the mouse mind as a separately thinking persona. Category page. Two-Brains didn't want him to fill the position, but Glen ended up becoming the replacement anyway. After he accidentally transformed himself into Dr.Two-Brains,WordGirl felt bad for him(In the shorts,I guess in the show too,not as much though) and in the shorts,she encourages him to fight for control over his second brain,since Dr.Two-Brains starts randomly talking to himself as Prof.Boxleitner. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While doing this experiment, he was hooked up to a lab rat named Squeaky. I couldn’t possibly hope to defeat you! Dr. Boxleitner can't come to the phone right now. T J Joins Dr Two Brains Ch. He still invents in his spare time, though. Mouse-Brains (the name, Dr. Mouse-Brains, was heard on WordGirl when T.J. asked Becky about Dr. Two-Brains when he appeared on the television) This story is going to take place in the episode of 'Oh Holiday Cheese' Dr. Two-Brains' character is based mostly around the myth that "mice like cheese", when in actuality they tend to favor grains and fruit over the dairy product. Name Two-Brains Also Known As Steven Boxleitner Title Dr. Nicknames Doc, Boss, Mouse He made a device that was supposed to help people read into the minds of rodents. He used to be Dr. Steven Boxleitner, who tried to read Squeaky, his pet lab mouse's, mind with a complicated machine of his invention. He was very passionate about his science projects, but would often get distracted by other things, as shown in "What's up, Doc?". 6:38. Dr. Two-Brains is a doctor with two brains. She once encouraged him to fight the mouse brain’s control on him, and claimed to have felt his loss in her life once he became Two-Brains. But of course, he betrays her in the end, but whether this is part of his plan or if his mouse brain took control is never clearly determined. -, "Supervillainy's a tough racket, you leave for a week and, "This is WordGirl's spaceship hideout! When he hears Becky's story, he decides to help her get back home and make the wish that would fix everything. WordGirl Cartoon Episode Guide Episode Guide Television Series Cartoon; Scholastic, Soup2Nuts; Cartoon Characters: Becky Botsford/WordGirl, Captain Huggy Face, Violet Heaslip, Tim Botsford, Sally Botsford, TJ Botsford, Todd "Scoops" Ming, Announcer, Professor Steven Boxleitner/Professor Two-Brains, The … However, this ends up in utter chaos, as it turns out Squeaky was more evil and rampant than he is. button, and their minds fused. (Scene: inside Dr. Two-Brains’ lair. Two Brains Forgets - It looks like all is lost when Dr 2-Brains discovers WordGirl's secret identity! Professor Boxleitner was the kind-hearted but distracted scientist friend of WordGirl, who let him study her for his book Superheroes and You: A Practical Guide (a book that practically made WordGirl the competent hero that we know and love), and would occasionally offer advice to WordGirl when she was at her wit's end. (Note: Two-Brains is technically Boxleitner and Squeaky merged into one, so if you'd like to learn more about Squeaky's biography click here). In the episode "A Few Words From WordGirl", Two-Brains even gives WordGirl advice about her upcoming speech, in a very Steven Boxleitner-like manner, and spends most of the episode acting in a way like Steven used to act towards her (a producer on the show even claimed that this behavior is in fact Steven's personality shining through). 5 by Deepizzaguy on DeviantArt. The mouse brain attached to the side of his head occasionally pulsates and glows green. Keep all asks PG M!A accepted in moderation (I'll only do around 1 per week) Time limit on M!As is 24 hours max. This caused Dr. Two-Brains to come into being. Dr. Two-Brains was once a friend of WordGirl, known as Professor Steven Boxleitner, a kind, but easily distracted scientist. Trending pages. Though it seems to be most likely true, as his henchman confirm that they went to her graduation with him. Vocab words: Bobble, Souvenir Main villain(s): First Energy monster, then Chuck, and finally Dr. Two-Brains TV Show: Wordgirl. Becky Botsford/WordGirl, additional voices Chris Parnell: The Narrator, additional voices Tom Kenny: Dr. Two-Brains, TJ Botsford, Warden Chalmers, additional voices Cree Summer: Granny May, additional voices Patton Oswalt: Tobey McCalister III, additional voices Fred Stoller: Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy/minor … Dr. Two-Brains VOICE. SHOW COMMENTS (2) Why Is This One Of Your Favorites? To have cheese and appease his second brain. Dr. Two-Brains discovers the room where WordGirl keeps mementos of all of her past adventures, including weapons from all of the other villains and a display that has all of the different ray guns Two-Brains has used in the show. Dr. Two-Brains: Oh, of COURSE, WordGirl! So much so, that he steals the interview from Scoops, and displays clips from previous episodes showing WordGirl being defeated, outsmarted, overwhelmed, kidnapped, and even almost eliminated. -. In The Amazing, Colossal Adventures of WordGirl, the professor had created a device that would hopefully allow people to read the minds of rodents (practically and theoretically, this could possibly be used in conjunction with various medical and experimental tests on lab mice to better understand how the experiments affect them) but when he was distracted by the wafting odor of his pastrami sandwich, his vicious mouse test subject Squeaky hit the "Holy cow, don't press this button!!!" WordGirl was good friends with Steven, prior to his accident the two were close friends. I got things to do, places to cheese.Dr. When he's not commiting crimes (or in jail) he enjoys time watching television. They exchange glances for a minute.) Can chew through anythingHeightened sense of smellSpeaks mouseSuperior intellect, To be the most feared villain in Fair City (achieved), RobberyAttempted robberyProperty damageMultiple accounts of theft, I'm kind of busy today. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. Can our dynamic duo put a stop to Dr. Follow. Dr. Two-Brains: So, WordGirl, we meet again! Dr. Two-Brains is voiced by Tom Kenny, one of the top-notch voice actors in the industry. Dr. Two-Brains employs two henchmen in order to help him with his many crimes. # wordgirl-dr-two-brains Follow. In addition, he actually has a personal connection with WordGirl. Becky Botsford | WordGirl & Dr. Two-Brains (4) Becky Botsford | WordGirl & Violet Heaslip (3) Becky Botsford | WordGirl & Todd "Scoops" Ming (2) Victoria Best/Eileen | The Birthday Girl (2) Original Female Character/Original Male Character (1) Other Relationship Tags to Be Added (1) Damara Megido/Kankri Vantas (1) Pamela … Dr. Two-Brains' main motive is to steal cheese in most of his appearances or threatens to turn the entire city into cheese. He made a device that was supposed to help people read into the minds of rodents. 10 by Deepizzaguy on DeviantArt. M!A with set ask numbers are preferred. He has a rather sarcastic and witty sense of humor. Tom Kenny. When Squeaky takes complete control, his hair becomes messier, his bow tie becomes untied, his lab coat becomes frayed, and his front teeth become longer. Dr. Two-Brains is the anti-heroic tetartagonist of WordGirl. gbvieto. As shown in the episode Don't Mess with the Best, Two-Brains feels remorse, as he stops Victoria Best from defeating WordGirl for good, and has been shown to genuinely care for his henchman and even WordGirl on occasion. Will WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face stop the evil pair before it's too late?/Kitty Cat Criminals: When The Butcher and Chuck join forces, they have a surprisingly hard time coming up with a meat-and-sandwich related crime to commit. Dr. Two-Brains is possibly a reference to one of Batman's villains, Two Face, who used to be a good friend of Bruce Wayne, similar to Dr. Two-Brains formerly being a good friend of Becky. Steven used to be very kind-hearted and was shown to have a great interest in science. Dr. Two-Brains and Dr. Mouse-Brains were glaring at WordGirl that was talking with Warren. Steven Boxleitner was a brilliant scientist with chestnut brown hair and dark eyes. Originally known as Professor Steven Boxleitner, a kind-hearted but distracted scientist, he was turned into the evil Dr. Two-Brains as he was preparing for an experiment that would enable people to read the minds of rodents. He was a very good friend to WordGirl, and she considered him to be one of her closest allies. Heightened sense of smell. Will Dr. Two Brains agree to take orders from a tiny, evil mouse? Dr. Two-Brains was once a friend of WordGirl, known as Professor Steven Boxleitner, a kind, but easily distracted scientist. The only type of cheese that Two-Brains dislikes is goat cheese, as revealed in the episode "Of Two Minds". WordGirl even stated that she looked up to Boxleitner and despite his ditzy habits respected him. Though that being said, as Two-Brains becomes less malicious, he and WordGirl start to share a more civil relationship, such as in the episode "Mouse Army", when Two-Brains temporarily teams up with her to stop an army of super-intelligent mice he had created. He's also one of the few villains who have found out WordGirl's secret identity, and uses this advantage to kidnap her and her family. While doing this experiment, he was hooked up to a lab rat … When Boxleitner wasn't looking, Squeaky pushed a button which said "Holy Cow! Able to chew through solid steel and dry wall In the episode "A World Without WordGirl", Two-Brains used to be a scientist, but had to give up his job, as Chuck (now the king of the city in the alternate reality) made him the Sub-Junior Assistant Manager of a sandwich shop. You?ll be sure to impress Dr. Two Brains … He is voiced by Tom Kenny. WordGirl and Captain Huggyface start to enjoy the extra hours of relaxation, until they find out the city could be frozen forever! They have been known to mess up their boss's plans, like in the episode "Shrinkin' in the Ray", when they unwittingly use up a crate of parsnips meant to power Two-Brains's shrink ray. Directed by Steve Young. gbvieto. While doing this experiment, he was hooked up to a lab … Dr. Two Brains went out on a cheese heist and left his two henchmen, and you, all alone in his lair. by Deepizzaguy. My Reason: Characters left: 140 The line could very likely have been an ad-lib by Tom Kenny. Afterwards, his appearance took on traits of an albino rodent: his hair turned white and grew much longer, his eyes became red from a lack of pigmentation, and he grew whiskers.
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