Contrary to popular thought, nearly everyone can buy body armor in the USA. The Galls GL Body Armor Threat Level IIIA is a type of concealable armor that’s made from kevlar XP for comprehensive protective coverage and enhanced mobility. Not only is it lightweight, but nearly over two decades of research has allowed Spartan Armor to make their design a very ergonomic fit. It features curves and contours that are specially made for certain body shapes. AR500 Level III+ Lightweight. Veterans MFG Ultralight 10x12 Level … What are you suggestions for our build and needs? Thanks! Check out US Armor’s Master Product Catalog and get in touch with their sales team to place your order. Called them direct and they had great customer service. It accepts 10 inches by 12-inch body plates and steers towards a more modular design than the Testudo. Now…time for some affordable hard plated armor! You may not realize it, but body armor plates are only designed to stop a bullet–not make it comfortable. Watched a plate take 6 5.56 green tips at 20yards at the range this spring and bought a pair the next week. I have AR 500 Curved plate 111-A any way to up the rating by adding another layer or ? You just have to remember that like it says in this article it is not the super high end crazy expensive stuff. The Fox Racing MTB is a fantastic option for someone looking to stand out with a brightly colored vest, and also comes with a great one year warranty incase anything goes wrong with it. And, it’s good to know that this carrier has been crafted to some of the highest industry standards using Cordura 500D Nylon. These plates only come in a 10×12 inch traditional cut size, but they’re tripled curved to hug the contour of your body and are 0.60 inches thick. Hard armor is well suited to real combat and tactical scenarios where high-velocity calibers are being used in real warfare. For example, certain companies may only allow you to buy their body armor products if you can prove that you work in law enforcement or the military. It’s been made for law enforcement professionals and military personnel, yet can be used by civilians as well. The entire system weighs just over one pound, so you can cut the weight without sacrificing your protection. 100% high molecular weight Polyethylene is ~.9" thick (~23 mm. In fact, there are several options for lightweight body armor that span across several threat levels of protection ranging from IIIA (handgun rated) up to IV (.30-06 armor piercing rated). Pros . Curved plates are contoured to the natural shape of your body, so they often have the best fit. Now that I'm retired from that profession, I have carriers and plates for homestead protection. Both the Testudo and Veritas carriers are available in coyote, olive drab, multi-cam, and black. Privacy Policy and Although this is a seriously tough hard-plate design, it’s still made ergonomic with special curvature built-in, so it fits more snugly around your body. AR500 Level III+ Lightweight. DELUXE™ SERIES Sale! The 3D mesh panels are made for superb ventilation and add to the overall comfort you will gain from wearing this particular plate carrier. This is a super lightweight yet tough design that should give you excellent flexibility, whenever you choose to wear it. This level of protection is very impressive for any body armor. The Airlite name actually means something more…. It’s a small hole…but it went right on through…. It will increase the weight of your plates a bit, but will protect you from spalling. Body armour has been around for several thousand years and began in Ancient China. After I bought it saw a youtuber shoot one of their level IV plated with a 338 Lapua Mag with no penetration. And don’t think you can simply get up after getting shot while in body armor…chances are you’re going to be in a world of pain with possible broken ribs and internal bleeding. Choosing your plate carrier will depend on the type of plates or panels you buy. Amazon's Choice for bulletproof vest body armor Himal Sports-Vest, 600D Encryption Polyester Adjustable Lightweight Combat-Vest for Games or Training 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,217 Shock Absorbing. Blue Force Gear PLATEminus V2. They offer steel, but they also offer ceramics. Our favorite guns and gear that we've tested and fully recommend. When I was looking around for rifle plates for duty use I came across them and saw they boasted 5 rounds of M2AP. Also I've heard nothing but bad things about it (AR500), You do know that AR500 is the name of the company, right? If you’re just not into your UHMWPE plates, then here we … There are a lot of different options available on the market. If you want flexibility and maneuverability out in the field, this plate should work well. Some armor systems work best when all parts are from the same manufacturer. Hard armor is typically heavier than soft armor, and it isn’t flexible. Airsoft Wargame Tactical Soldier Gear EVA Body Carrier Vest SAPI Shock Plate Dummy Armor Ballistic Model Kit Black 2 PCS 4.3 out of 5 stars 333 $14.69 $ 14 . It’s important to understand that these pads are not a form of protection, like a body armor plate. A current favorite of ours is the Ferro Concepts Slickster which is super low profile but can be built up with additional kit. Their 3+ plate is multi curved, and is rated for m193!! ), and more expensive, but INCREDIBLY LIGHT.. Hard armor plates have a variety of ratings, but the strongest can stop some pretty serious rifle rounds. All body armor can be defeated–it may just be a matter of what is shooting at it or how many times you’re hit. It has all the same great features, it’s just sized for smaller plates and smaller bodies.
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